A reliable partner for your success

Much more than just a supplier, we long to be a valid  partner for our customers to develop innovative technologies.

Our internal know-how, combined with advanced parametric modeling software, allows us to offer customers cutting-edge products resulting from an accurate study of the components and production and assembly equipment.


Planning systems and co-design

The use of solid modeling techniques combined with the Finite Element Method (FEM) programs for structural calculations allows us to simulate the static and dynamic loads applicable to the product during the planning process. In the case of more complex studies, we use kinematics simulations (ADMAS) in order to obtain a complete correspondence with customer’s needs.

The application of these planning systems and co-design with customer involvement contributes towards establishing a prompt definition and verification of project parameters


High performance products

In collaboration with our parent company Sabaf, we apply innovative technologies in the construction of equipment, assembly, and testing machines to guarantee our products' highest quality. This scrupulous process has allowed us to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.