Hinges for ovens and household appliances since 1956

For over 60 years, we have been studying and producing reliable, performing, and high-quality hinges for household appliances capable of meeting the global market's most demanding needs. The products are developed by our R&D department utilising the valuable know-how skills acquired throughout the years and by applying advanced technological systems and, where necessary involving customers since the early stages of planning.

Since 2000 we have been part of the Sabaf Group (https://www.sabafgroup.com), one of the world's leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic components for household appliances.


Pioneering perspective and sustainability

The company aims to consolidate the technological and market leadership in the design, production, and distribution of hinges for household appliances by continually focusing on innovation.

Our goal is to combine the company's growth with socio-environmental sustainability by promoting an open dialogue to meet all stakeholders' legitimate expectations.


Who we are