Domestic ovens

Faringosi-Hinges develops and manufactures a wide range of oven hinges for the global market.

We create many solutions for your needs, from "standard" hinges to more sophisticated and advanced hinges such as amortized or motorized hinges.

Professional ovens

Manufactured since 1965, these hinges are used by some of the most well-known professional ovens manufacturers around the world. 

Washing machines

Faringosi-Hinges develops hinges for washing machines in close collaboration with the client.

Together, we define all the necessary details, such as the rotation type and the opening angle, to obtain the ideal product that meets the customer's needs. 


Based on the customer’s specific request, Faringosi-Hinges develops and manufactures hinges for dishwashers with fixed o variable fulcrum, both interchangeable with each other, with an integrated optional system for balancing and adjustment.   
The variable fulcrum version (roto translating movement) is used for door covering panels that reach floor level or when a reduced distance is present between the door panel and the skirting board. 

Special products

Faringosi produces a vast range of hinges and movement systems for different needs and rapidly growing market products. 

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